Political Pandering

UPDATE: Portland’s Mayor Elect is proposing even more ridiculous restrictions on landlords!

Portland mayoral candidate Ted Wheeler on Thursday said he wants to create new rules to better protect renters from evictions.

If elected, Wheeler wants to establish criteria dictating how and when some landlords evict tenants. He didn’t offer many specifics, but said the policy would be modeled after Seattle, which lists only 18 allowable reasons for just-cause evictions for month-to-month renters.

Wheeler also proposed creating a new bureaucracy within the Portland Housing Bureau — the Office of Landlord-Tenant Affairs.

The office would mediate disputes and inform landlords and renters of their rights, according to a press release from the Wheeler campaign. It would also offer renters a new place to submit housing violations.

The Oregonian / Oregon Live, February 11, 2016.

The cornerstone of the proposed landlord tenant law?

owners may not evict residential tenants without a court order, which can be issued by a court only after the tenant has an opportunity in a show cause hearing to contest the eviction (RCW 59.18.380). Owners of housing units shall not evict or attempt to evict any tenant, or otherwise terminate or attempt to terminate the tenancy of any tenant unless the owner can prove in court that just cause exists

Seattle City Code, 22.206.160, subsection C. Click Here for direct link to City of Seattle website, scroll down to get to ss C.

In other words, No Cause Lease Terminations Will No Longer Exist, and You Will Have to go to Court for EVERY lease termination.


If you own a rental house in Portland or Oregon, I am offering two simple pieces of advice:

Serve notice on your tenants now, while you still only need to give them 30 or 60 60 or 90 days notice, don’t have to pay them a month’s rent to vacate, and they cannot block your no cause termination; and SELL.


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