Referral Program

Referral Program

  • 25% referral fee to referring broker for financed buyers

  • 33% referral fee to referring broker for cash buyers

Why do I pay more for cash buyers? 

Simple.  Sellers give preference to cash buyers.  The Portland real estate market is incredibly competitive right now; offers 10% to 15% over asking are the norm.  I may have to write 3 to 4 offers for a buyer financing a purchase, vs 1 to 2 for a cash buyer.


  • Minimum $500,000 budget

  • Referral fee paid to salesperson’s/agent’s/broker’s brokerage at closing.  How your brokerage splits with you is between you and them.

  • Referral fee based on percentage of commission paid to Tim Lyman Real Estate by listing broker.

To find out more, call me at 503-893-4528