Referral Program

Referral Program

Clients moving to Oregon? 

Why leave them to fend on their own with an unknown broker, or one who may be affiliated with competitors in your market?  Why trust some sleazy relo company?

Refer your clients to a broker who will care for them as you would, and make yourself some money doing it.

  • 25% referral fee for financed buyers

  • 33% referral fee for cash buyers

Why do I pay more for cash buyers? 

Simple.  Sellers give preference to cash buyers.  The Portland real estate market is incredibly competitive right now; offers 10% to 15% over asking are the norm.  I may have to write 3 to 4 offers for a buyer financing a purchase, vs 1 to 2 for a cash buyer.


  • Minimum $400,000 budget

  • Referral fee paid in accordance with Oregon and your state’s laws and regulations at closing.  This usually means to salesperson’s/agent’s/broker’s brokerage.  How your brokerage splits with you is between you and them.

  • Referral fee based on percentage of commission paid to Tim Lyman Real Estate by listing broker.

To find out more, call me at 503-893-4528