Ellsworth Springs

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Ellsworth Springs Neighborhood

The Ellsworth Springs Neighborhood is snuggled down in a very wooded and quiet place, southeast of downtown Vancouver.The neighborhood is an ethnically diverse population of all ages, creating a vital and growing neighborhood. The neighborhood has been developed in stages over the years. It is a neighborhood of single family homes, apartment buildings and condominiums.

Ellsworth Springs is a quiet neighborhood that is pedestrian and bicycle friendly. The residents have easy access to retail businesses and services along S. E. Mill Plain Blvd. and Chkalov Drive. The Ellsworth Elementary School Park, which is next to the school, provides the Ellsworth Springs community with a much needed recreational area. There are also many churches in the neighborhood. One of the churches has a community garden.

The most prominent and essential aspect of the neighborhood is the Ellsworth Springs Woods – East. The residents, in response to surveys taken over the years, have spoken of their pride and gratitude for the Ellsworth Springs Woods. The woods and natural springs is a unique area. It not only provides an urban forest canopy, and therefore a home to many species of plants and animals, but it also is the location of large municipal wells which provide water for the City of Vancouver.