Van Mall

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Van Mall Neighborhood

The Van Mall neighborhood is unique in that it is the only one in the city that has no single-family residential zone. Over half of the entire area is developed and zoned for commercial use. The core of the neighborhood is Van Mall (that covers about one-third of the neighborhood area) and surrounding businesses that include shopping, restaurants, and other services. There are also parks, open spaces and wetlands. Apart from the business community there are a variety of multiple-family dwellings, and the remainder of the area is designated multi-family residential use. Together with the surrounding businesses, the Van Mall neighborhood makes up the commercial/retail central hub of the city. The housing stock is comprised of several large complexes that range from apartments, and duplexes, to privately-owned and occupied condominiums and town homes and retirement living. Generally, multi-family units are on the periphery surrounding the business areas. With the high number of rental units in the neighborhood, it follows that the owner-occupancy rate would be lower. Generally, streets are wide enough to accommodate the regular influx of the traffic, and some sidewalks exist to accommodate pedestrians. Residents can easily access businesses in the neighborhood for a multitude of services.